Sunday, June 22, 2008


Jerry and Co. set the definition of the term "supermodel". Having recently seen the Superheros exhibit at the MET (featuring many stunning one of a kind Thierry Mugler creations, many of which Ms. Hall wore on the runway), the glamour quota is at an all time high here in the studio! As we go along with this blog in the next couple weeks, we hope to paint a complete picture of what our inspirations for the convention collection are this year. A little hint to help you see the bigger picture, don't look at the particulars in our posts, but look at the influences in a more general term and you will see where we are going... It's all about the mood!


dman said...

Hello, I hope you are welcoming of comments.
Thanks so much for the opportuity to see into the creative process behind the convention collection. I love to understand the inspiration (and perspiration) behind our favorite dolls.
Whenever I hear of Theirry Mugler I think of the video for George Michael's hit song "Too Funky". All the hot models struting on the runway wearing molded chrome bustiers...Too funky is right!
fast forward a few year and we see a simlar metallic treatment in Dolce & Gabbana's futuristic metal waist cinchers complete with padlocks and shiny rivets. A thrilling mix of dominatrix couture and Medieval chastity belt all rolled into one luxurious package.
Please make sure there is a nice balance between the hard and soft...just so there is something for everyone.
I am looking forward to more announcements. Cheers! Darin

Cassie said...

I am eagerly awaiting the convention dolls. Thanks for giving us insight into your creative process!