Friday, June 20, 2008


As you know, this year's convention is called "The Heist". One of our many influences for the convention collection comes from the iconic Grace Jones. We love her powerful, unique style. It's no wonder that she has become the source of inspiration for many great designers and artists alike. Cheers.... Jason :)


Johnny said...

Grace Jones has always been an inspiration in many ways. To see her is to understand that she follows her own very unique drummer. Her look and sound are very powerful and not easily forgotten. Her sense of fashion and style are evident in everything she does. Though there have been many a Bond Girl, hers was the most obviously wicked and fascinating. My favorite of her music videos, I'M NOT PERFECT (BUT I'M PERFECT FOR YOU) features Grace wearing the largest couture gown that I've ever seen! I can't wait to see what she has inspired for the HEIST event!

Anonymous said...

My favorite is her version of DEMOLITION MAN. I can hear those eight-inch stilettos clicking on that large stairway as her long legs take them two at a time in my head while I type. She makes Marilyn Manson look so amateur.

dman said...

I was just watching some Kylie videos the other day and they pay homage to Grace in many ways. The glamorous shiny skin, the transparent plastic helmets the wicked cools moves...all reinterpreted (quite literally!) for a new artist and her fans.
I look forward to see Jason and Co's spin on this 80's icon.